Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Ain't Mr. Kotter, But Welcome Me Back, Dammit!

Wow. Ok...2 weeks out and now I'm back. Honestly, I couldn't tell you why I stopped blogging for those couple of weeks. I wanted to. I thought about it. I drove around and thought to myself "ohhhh I gotta blog about this!", but never did. So I guess one could say that perhaps I had bloggers block.

So in an effort to catch you all up (as if you all really care because I am just that important) - here is my life in fastforward...

Munchkin laughed a couple of times, but has yet to do it again

10 and 12's mom is threatening to move to Dallas with them - not sure how I feel about this - how i REALLY feel

got a full on WEAVE (yay for white girl hair!)

Had a job interview with David's Bridal for a bridal consultant position

Have an interview with a non profit agency on Monday for a Parent Educator position

8 and I seem to be doing very well....although there are definitely days I'd like to smother him in his sleep, for the most part he is the love of my life

oh...and how could I forget....

Much to my chagrin, 8 has brought a tv the size of a small country into the home, which now puts a tv in the bedroom....while initially I was a fan of this idea b/c now I can watch shows I'D like to watch, instead of 24 hour ESPN, now I am wondering if this was really a good idea. I feel like we spend even less hang out time together now.....maybe that's why we've been getting along so well....hmmmm...something to ponder.....

So there...that was my life in fast forward. And now that I go back and read it, I have no idea why you guys read my blog...I am one boring ass damn if I don't make boring look good, right?

HAHAHAHAAHA.....I crack myself up!

until next time lovelies......


SupahMommy said...

I cracked up out loud.. CUOL. when i saw welcome back kotter


white girl hair: valerie.


michelle said...

A wise friend once told me that putting a tv in your bedroom would end your sex life. Tell your other half to get rid of that thing!

that one girl said...

i know right...ugh....i think I said that!

Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

Welcome back!!!

It's good to take a break!!

I haven't been able to think of anything to blog lately so I recycled a couple of early posts that no one had read (cause I had no followers then!)


Anonymous said...

Great hair.

Welcome back. I sympathise with the bloggers block situation. I am also willing to be supportive by offering to take your large TV off your hands at no cost to you (bar shipping).

See what a nice considerate soul I am? :)

Eva Gallant said...

I love to watch TV in bed..and it hasn't changed our sex life at all.(of course, we're in our sixties! lol)

The Redhead Riter said...

You're funny.

Have you seen the movie "White Chicks" 2004? That is what you reminded me of with your "white hair" comment...LOL...cracked me up. That is one of my most fav movies

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