Monday, October 19, 2009


I would like to preface this by saying that this is THE BEST drinking game on the planet.....

I NEVER.......

1. regret eating an entire pint of Ben n Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream in one regret that is the equivalent of regretting great sex......ITS JUST PLAIN ASANINE!!! However, if forced to choose one day between the great sex and the great ice cream....oooohhhhh...I think the ice cream just might win....can't get sweat in your eye eating ice cream (and isnt that just the WORST!!! SWEAT IN THE EYE - EW!)

2. have seen a James Bond movie either, Supah. Nor have I seen any of the Star Wars films. And I have no desire too either. In my opinion...SNORING-BORING!

3. ever ever ever in life found Denzel Washington to be the slightest bit attractive. I think there must be some unwritten code somewhere that as a breathing female I am supposed to just lose all composure and have orgasms on command when his horse grin shows up on the screen...but ahhhh....yeah - not so much for me. Now let Idris Elba pop up and the panties come DOWN! He is one tall glass of SLAP YO MAMA HE'S FINE!

4. never really understood the "mama bear" syndrome people talk about when women have babies - until I had one. I would tear someone to itty bitty pieces if they EVER hurt the munchkin - physically or emotionally. I have come to realize that in this arena, I will be THAT mom. The neck roll and "I wish you would" tone of Clair Huxtable, paired with the slightly neurotic tendencies of Rosie Perez in "Do The Right Thing". Except not so nasally.

+ =

5. have had the balls to admit that......ahhhhh.....some things are better left a let's just say i've never admitted SOMETHING in life....and I'm not about to start coming clean now....



Michelle Rooney said...

omg-how have you never seen a James Bond movie? what is wrong with you?

Steven Anthony said...

I sssssssssssssssssssoo love anything ben and jerry;)


MommyBrain said...

Ha, ha, ha! Fantastic list ...

You had me at ... martini ... and then again at ice cream ... and then again at "horse grin" ... and then again at the Rosie/Huxtable combination ... and then ... you kept me guessing, girl! Awesome!

Thanks for joining us :)

SupahMommy said...


um. you'll admit it come blerapy day if i have to hold yo ass down.

claire huxtable

she was my second mom
i was their illegitimate white child.

always always and always

and the sweat in the eye..
holy shit.. funny


* awesome pic white girl hair * pat pat pat

ADayInTheLife said...

Martini? I am there!

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