Monday, October 12, 2009

MeMe Monday - for my FRIEND Supah


As I read the prompts on Supah's page I found myself cracking up thinking about my fave episodes, the quotes I infuse into any conversation I can, and the way EVERYTHING related back to Friends back in the day....

I mean - who didn't have the "we were on a break" argument with their college boyfriend???

Who didn't have an evil neighbor like Mr. Heckles, or a hot neighbor like Paulo? (unlucky/lucky me - I DID!)

And didn't we all dress up like Princess Leia for our honey's? No? Yeah - me neither. There was no way my boob was fittin' in that mini funnel of a bra...but i certainly thought about it!

So for my contribution to MeMe Monday, I choose: WHICH FRIENDS CHARACTER ARE YOU MOST LIKE??

In my head I think Monica....I am neurotic. OCD to the nth degree. I organize my pantry. I alphabetize my spices. I have my ottoman strategically placed for optimum foot resting. My closet is organized by color, sleeve length and collar style. So in my head I.AM.MONICA.

IN REALITY, I AM PHOEBE. Through and through, I am Phoebe to the core. I make up stupid songs for EVERYTHING. I see the good in all people. I fall in love with boys that move away. I find the quirkiest ways to rationalize things so that they make sense in my head. I believe the spirit of my dad, best friend, and grandmother come to visit me in the form of butterflies whenever I'm feeling sad, or am confused. I think it's TOTALLY okay to run like a five year old through a park full of crowded people because I DON'T CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF ME.

Truth be told, some friends of mine have actually nicknamed me Phoebe b/c of my nutty idiosyncrasies...go figure.

So to copy Supah - I guess I would PHOENICA...said with a long "o" and the "i" sounding like a long "e", it sounds like the name of a girl from the hood....

and my fave friends episode....gosh - there are so freakin many....I love the flashback episodes (Supah your post had me CRYING!!!! I imagined myself on the floor with Nenny just ACHING with laughter. If I ever meet DBD I am going to introduce myself as Tubbs)...the "we were on a break" episode is classic b/c it spawned the all time greatest comeback of all times...

Rachel: "Well it's NOT okay, and it DOESN'T happen to everybody!"
Chandler: "I KNEW IT!"

I think I peed my pants during that episode....I mean really - 13 pages front and back....FRONT AND BACK!!!

THE PROPOSAL. Ok. Tell the truth. Were you or were you NOT on your knees with Monica when she was asking Chandler to marry her?? Or did you or did you not cry right along with her when Chandler surprised HER?!

Ugh...I could go on and on....there are so many great Friends moments....but I can without falter that it will go down in my history book as one of the greatest show of all times....and I'm not a TV person...but there are three shows that I have religiously never missed - not even repeats...The Cosby Show, Friends, and Sex and The City.....

Ahhhhhh........where's my remote...I know ONE of these is on right now......


SupahMommy said...

u were meant to be my friend


did i laugh
front and back front and back

they were CLASSIC funny

It' s laminated.

xoxoxo congrats on your job.. i just saw and cant' mentally calculate the time in Tx. .. going to bed ...
when my sis gets married.. fly up here. .. but she's not married. nor near it.


Yara said...

Wondeful friends post. Phoenica... I think I probably went to school with a girl with that name. Yeah, i went to school with some strange kids...
I'm still not over the fact I missed the final episode. Yes I've seen it a dozen times now, but it's not that same.

Michelle Rooney said...

Remember Friends night at the house? Friends night at Maloneys? Friends was definitely a big part of our college experience...too many great episodes to pick my fave from.

Epiphius said...

You mean other people don't organize their closet by sleeve length, warmth, color and occasion that it's appropriate for? Dang.

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