Sunday, July 19, 2009

Babies and Frat Boys - Strange Correlation

What do a two month old baby and a 21 year old frat boy have in common?


My doctor described it as a yeast infection in the mouth - apparently very common in babies (really??). While one is contracted by the presence of some sort of bacteria on say, a nipple or pacifier that the baby has put his/her mouth on, the other is contracted by the presence of some sort of bacteria "somewhere else" that the frat boy has put HIS mouth on. No need to go into details.

So where is the true story you ask?

I knew a boy who thought he had contracted "thrush" after being with a local dorm girl who informed him after their date that she was "baking bread", if ya know what I mean.

As a memento, his friends (me included) left loaves of bread in front of his door for a couple of days. He wasn't amused - but we were.


Anonymous said... is not bacteria actually...but YEAST..a different organism (not to be confused with another similar word) altogether...had to throw my med spin on it...
and no one likes yeast infections...not the frat boy, nor the 2 month old..

SupahMommy said...

that is a riot...

my p had thrush at one point..

nasty shit.

and the loaves.. omfg.


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