Monday, July 27, 2009

The Drinks Are On Kroger

So, I have absolutely NO QUALMS WHATSOEVER admitting that I am a cheap bastard. I buy my purses at Goodwill and The Salvation Army. And yes, the rumor is true. I am THAT CHIC that purchased an antique Givenchy, authentic Louis, AND a Burberry clutch for the combined total of $4.75. I like nice things. I just don't have nice things money. I refuse to pay full price for anything - ever. Not on food, not on clothes, not even on Martini's. I resigned myself to spending money on things for myself ONLY if I absolutely love them. If my heart stops when I see it, breathing becomes scant and I find myself in a catatonic state - just staring at the object of my affection - it comes home with mama. If not, on the shelf it stays with all its reject friends. This is how I live my life. Sidenote - this works with men too.

So naturally I get excited on Sundays when the newspaper comes out. And if I'm going to be completely honest with you, I get the paper Saturday night so I can clip my coupons and do my shopping first thing Sunday morning. OCD? Sure. Why not. I'll take that. But here's the thing you may not know. I was laid off from work when I was 8.5 months pregnant, and still have not been able to find something full time. I am budgeting a family of 5 on one feast or famine income (honey is in commission only sales), and a bi-weekly unemployment check. Those two combined have to cover mortgage, car note, groceries, utilities, out of pocket doctor visits, and anything else that may come up. Not the easiest feat but it's better than living in a mud hut eating soppy rice with my fingers. If that's the alternative, I'll take the feast or famine paycheck of my love.

However, I just discovered a little something that has saved me the most I have EVER saved at the grocery I pass it on to you - in case you don't already know. Which you probably do. And I'm probably late to the game. Again. But I showed up and dammit I know SOMEONE doesn't have the info.
- online coupons, who's having deals, weekly specials
- online coupons that you can download directly to your grocery store savings card (THINK "KROGER REWARDS" CARD)
- online coupons from manufacturer PG&E that you can download directly to your grocery store savings card

So I went to all of the above websites today before I went to the grocery store, downloaded my online coupons, stuffed my clipped coupons into my handy dandy neon green coupon organizer (call me crazy if you want to but who's the one with the $2 Louis?), and the flyer with this weeks specials and headed off to see just how much I could save.

Hold your breath, ladies.

Mama saved $23.62!!!

That's a full tank of gas. My home gas bill. Two awesome pairs of stiletto's purchased at Ross (seriously ladies, I have 4 pairs of Steve Madden heels in my closet right now - $10 each!).
(my favorite Maddens) A pack of diapers. Two cans of formula. 4 MARTINI'S (which I could still enjoy if my daughter hadn't stolen my taste buds)!! Do you see my point ladies???? How can you be against being cheap when it could lead to cute shoes and essentially free drinks?? If you ask me, that is the world's BEST trade off! Shower cleaner for shoes??? Does it get much better??

(for shoes or shower cleaner - whichever...eventually you'll end up with both)


Fishbowl said...

I LOVE shopping, TJ MAxx is my favorite. What's up with Steve Madden heels not being remotely comfy? Do you actually wear them or just look at them and make googly noises?

Julie, Little One-of-a-Kind Design said...

good info! thanks for sharing! can you hear my scissors clipping coupons!?

via SITS!

that one girl said...

fishie my dear - i do wear them - i am almost ahsamed to admit that i am a slave to fashion and beauty...but the shame goes out the window when i look down at my fabulously aching toes and realize it's only a $10

julie - clip on girl..i see mojitos in your future!

Abena said...

$10 Maddens, $2 Louis!?! That's some serious deals. Why is it I never see anything good at Goodwill when I go. I don't usually clip coupons - I just look out for the sales but I'm definitely checking out those sites you listed. Thanks for sharing.

Dazzle ME said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Wow what great bargains!
Those Maddens are stunning!
I love a savvy bargain shopper :)


Happy Saturday SITS-day Shareday!

Summer said...

Girl we have the same idea when it comes to fashion!!!

I love my Salvation Army, and I just bought my 100th pair (or so) of Steve Maddens this weekend from TJ Maxx!!!


You should totally check out my Fashion posts....

SupahMommy said...

um.. hello fun.. saving money.

must do online coupons.


8 for informative.

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