Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Just Heard My Hair Grow

For the first time in 42 days my house is quiet. No television. No radio. No baby crying. No honey snoring. No kids running/jumping/screaming/whining/breathing. Just silence. It's so quiet I think I can actually hear my hair growing. No lie.

It may seem silly to many but for the last month and twelve days (yes - I what) our home has been filled with constant noise. From about 10a.m. until about 2a.m. (yes - i meant that - 2a.m. - as in all day, all night, and into the next day again). Because of course you can SAY be in bed by 1 a.m., but then don't get mad when you wake up at 2 to get a drink and 10 and 12 are still up watching cartoons with a look on their faces similar to yours when you experienced your very first "contact high". You know...that glazed over look that says "I know I shouldn't be doing this but...dude, pass the cheetos."

For the last 42 days I have heard "Baby have you seen my _______ (fill in the blank)"....."Can I hold the baby"..."Can I feed the baby"...."How come she/he gets to feed/hold/put to sleep/sit next to/look at/breathe the same air as the baby"..."What's for dinner"..."What's for breakfast"..."What's for lunch"...."Its my turn to hold the remote - you had it thirty minutes ago"...."sdgnls odioi g ls ;sofi hg dg 'gogvknd ogh"....

Oh that last one didn't make sense? That's because that's how it started to all sound in my the garbled rantings of a swedish exchange student with a severe speech impediment. I would love to say the only sound I want to hear right now is that of my daughter's newfound voice....but honestly...not even that right now. This evening she cried so much (because 10 and 12 couldn't leave her alone long enough to take a nap) my poor girl is hoarse...HOARSE!!! AT 2.5 MONTHS! So no...I don't even want to hear her voice right now....I am totally content listening to my hair grow...and my fingers tapping on this here keyboard.....

In the bank of me silence is not's platinum.


klynch said...

oo the sweet sound of silence I only hear it when I get to work before everyone for about an hour.. then it becomes a noisy world again. poor thing is hourse at 2.5 mothes.. yeah I know why do they not leave them alone why are they(the other kids) always around the baby and not leaving he/she alone? I don't get it?
Nice to meet you!

Kathryn said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting! :)
Thanks for following too!

I hope things start calming down at your place with the baby and stuff! I am sure its hard having a new baby!

Have a great week!

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