Thursday, August 27, 2009

For My Daughter - "The Gift"

*Forenote - this was written 2 years and 2 months TO THE DAY before my daughter was born. I hadn't even met her father yet, but I knew she was to be.*

To the child I have yet to be blessed with
I give to you my life
I give to you all that it took
To bring you into this world
Every work filled day
Every white wine filled night
Now to the average person
I know this sounds strange
But had it not been
For my crazy, or "misundertood" dad
I wouldn't be who I am today
If it hadn't been for my mama
Livin' a life of fear
I absolutely guarantee you
The woman you see
Wouldn't be standin' here
If I didn't have that boyfriend
Who tried to take the only thing I TRULY own
I wouldn't have the knowledge to teach you
About having a backbone
Had it not been for those "13 in a row" martini nights
And Rocky Point Spring Break Vacations
I would be completely oblivious
To the value of my education
(the 2nd time around)
I can even give to you my marriage
That went strangely awry
Because in realizing my spirit was suffocating
I learned how to exhale
And came face to face
With this amazing strength that lies inside
And so to you my child
With whom I have yet to be blessed
I give to you my life
Because it's given me my best

-always, your mama


Nicki said...

beautiful and from the heart.....YOUR daughter is blessed with a awesome mumma by the sounds,

Lacie E. said...

this is so beautiful

Theta Mom said...

Wow, beautiful, authentic and so real. Thanks for posting that. You rock.

Grissell said...

This was so beautiful, I got me all teary eyed. Just too sweet.

Kelly said...

I'm speechless... just so beautiful.

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