Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Love It At Your Own Risk

In today's time it is very VERY easy to decide to just drown your sorrows in a large bottle of Jose Cuervo Black. Trust me. I know. I HAVE BEEN HAVING A STARING CONTEST WITH ONE FOR THE PAST WEEK - BUT I THINK I'M WEARING IT DOWN.

I would totally do it though if there was some sort of guarantee I wouldn't wake up tomorrow with a raging headache and an evil trip to the potty....anyways, in lieu of drunk dialing/texting/blogging, I am going to make a list. A list that I will share with you at the risk of being laughed at, pointed at, laughed and pointed, called a heathen, losing followers, and my mother finding my blog and phone scolding me. So feast your eyes, grab your bibles, get your throw up bag....here is a possibly long list of 50 THINGS I LOVE AND AM NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT TO (not to be confused with 50 THINGS I LOVE AND WILL TAKE TO MY GRAVE WITH ME)....

1. my daughter (like you didn't think she would be number 1...well let me not lie..she almost wasn't..my steve maddens were jockeying for that spot)
2. my honey (as with my daughter, he almost lost out to my purses)
3. Ben n' Jerry's Chubby Hubby Ice Cream (i don't share it. don't even ask. don't even get close to me when i'm eating it. i'm not responsible for injuries incurred)
4. sushi
5. hooker heels (that's what i call my fave pairs of stiletto's)
6. wine
7. puerto rican food
8. italian food
9. food my honey cooks (eat your hearts out ladies - he's in culinary school)
10. food.
11. the word "bitch" - as in "my bitches"....or "yeeeeaaaahhhhhh bitcheeeeesssssss" not at all meant in a derogatory form, but as a term of endearment shared between me and my closest girls
12. compromising positions
13. complicated positions
14. compromising while in complicated positons
15. ketchup on white rice
16. martini's
17. good coffee
18. my honey's fuzzy back (i know - i never thought i could either)
19. the way my daughter smiles at me as soon as she opens her peepers and we lock eyes
20. writing (obviously - i spend HOW MUCH TIME on here daily???)
21. FRIENDS (the tv show - not my own...JUST KIDDING GIRLS!)
22. Vince Carter, Jason Statham, The Rock, and Idris Elba - in no particular order...they all make me drop trow...
23. oral communication
24. aural communication
25. the fact that some people don't get #23 and #24
26. make up
27. the fact that my honey still thinks i'm hot when i haven't shaved my legs in three weeks and my hair is a hot mess....or maybe he's just a horny bastard trying to get some...either one works for me
28. the looks on people's faces when i start speaking spanish
29. trying to copy something Samantha and Smith Jarrod did
30. trashy celeb gossip (hel-lo...i'm puerto rican...that's what we live for!)
31. the fact that my mother refers to Jennifer Lopez as "Jenny" or "la Jenny"...as if she is part of the family
32. coupons (i'm cheap and broke and not afraid to hold your ass up in line presenting my $50 in coupons)
33. the fact that so far i have found 33 things i love
36. butterflies
37. being a neurotic first time mom
38. the way my honey looks at me
39. thursday nights
40. my purse collection
41. having sex in the morning
42. naughty texts, emails, phone calls from my honey in the middle of the day
43. HAVING A JOB (which i don't have right now but want desperately so if you know someone, or you are someone, and you or someone you know needs someone - hook a girl up - PLEASE!)
44. the fact that i have found ten more things to love since the last time i typed this sentence
45. The Holy Trinity
46. pork rinds
47. cracklin's (i just discovered these and YUM...but you can only eat so much at one sitting - otherwise it's baaaaaddddd news)
48. cheese - lots of it....even though it makes me a tad bit gassy (i'm lying about that "tad bit" part)
49. having a clean desk
50. having a neurotically organized pantry (i might be a tad OCD...just a little)

What do YOU love, oh reader of the blog?


Eva Gallant said...

I love:
!. Chocolate
2. My Kids
3. My husband
4. My grandkids
5. writing
6. reading hilarious blogs like yours.
7. curling up with a good book on a rainy day.
8. staying in a really nice hotel.
9. eating at Famous Dave's Barbeque.
10. Whoops...this should have been number 5. my sister & my 4 brothers
11. Pepperoni Pizza with mushrooms
12. Any kind of chicken--fried, baked, broiled, whatever.
13. Turtle Cheesecake
14. Grays Anatomy--TV show, not the text!
15. Brothers and Sisters--TV show; my own sibs are higher on the list.
16. Vodka Gimlets
17. Pina Coladas
18. Vacations in Aruba (had ONE)
19. Bacon and eggs over easy
20. Fresh squeezed orange juice.

Gonna' quit now--too many foods listed there; gotta go find some chocolate"

Theta Mom said...

Thank you so much for finding my blog, for following and for adding my button. You are a THETA MOM for sure! I think we may be long-lost friends because I feel like I wrote this post! I related to so many things!!! My favorites? Good coffee, Italian food, sushi, good beer (AMEN FOR THAT), Thursday nights, my purse collection, my honey and my daughter!

How do I top that list?! So glad to have "met" you and I am your most recent follower. ;)

K said...

I gotta agree with you on number 41 (and I think my hubby would as well).

Excellent list.

Welcome to SITS!

Kelly said...

Great list! 12-14/ 29 are my favs (hello! my mind is in the gutter today).

You lost me at 15, but now I'm curious.

(I may or may not have snorted while laughing)

Taryn said...

Can we be best friends? YOU ARE FREAKIN' HILARIOUS! I just love this post!!!
And I am with you on many of these. I do love me some Jason Statham, that's for sure. And I am a purse and shoe whore, so those are some of my favorites. I am still working on my first cup of coffee, so that's all I can come up with for now!

Stopping by from SITS and wanted to welcome you to the SITStahood!
It's so great to have you on board!


that one girl said...

Eva..mmm chocolate, vacations in Aruba, and Pina Coladas...could you just imagine all three at the same time....might as well propose to satan right there and then because that is downright SINFUL!!

Theta Mom - yay! I'm in the club - woo hoo! Where's my celebratory martini and welcome purse?

Kelly - GIRL! YOU MUST TRY #15...even if it's just once in your life...you don't have to admit to anyone if you like it...it can go on your "50 faves i take to the grave with me" list...

Taryn - aww thanks girl....isn't Jason Statham just DELISH!!! ugh - i want to bite him!

have a fabulous day all!!

Penelope said...

yeah, i didn't get the difference between 23 and 24...if it comes out orally, doesn't it go in aurally?

anyway, welcome to SITS :)

So Not Mom-a-licious said...

What's up bitches! I love saying that, but am always surprised at how many people get offended. Oh well. Hey at least you didn't write aureola communication as a fav. Although maybe it is, but we just don't know each other well enough to talk about it yet.

Stopping by to give you a big "Welcome to my Bitches!" welcome to the SITStahood! We are so glad you could join us and look forward to seeing you around!

Mandy said...

"compromising while in complicated positons"...Bwaahahaha!! I love it. Just stopping by from The Secret is in the Sauce, we're so glad you joined! I'm with the Welcome Wagon" and know that you'll love our fun, crazy group! Welcome, welcome!

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