Thursday, August 20, 2009

Throwback Thursdays!!!!

Alright ya''s time for a little thing I invented for my blog called THROWBACK THURSDAYS (there should be an echo after one says that)!!!! So here's what ya do...

1. find an old pic of yourself...childhood...awkward teen years...drunk college days...whatever...find it and then post it on your blog

2. share the story that goes with that picture

3. thank me later for the countless hours you will waste tripping down memory lane....and thank THETA MOM for giving you a reason to take an hour for yourself!

I'll go can can can even do both...but if we ever meet I will deny this post ever existed...after I punch you in the head...JUST KIDDING.... no, but really...I'm not.

So here's my contribution to THETA MOM THURSDAY by way of THROWBACK THURSDAY! (remember what I said about that pointing and laughing business)

So that is me...age 5, I believe. And yes. That is foil on my head. Why, you ask? Well, if you ask my mother it was so the aliens could communicate with me when they wanted to take me back up in the mothership. She thought she was so funny. Obviously she didn't stop to think about who will be taking care of her in her old age. That's right. Me. Her only child. Ha Ha Ha now, Mother.

Anyhoo...the real reason for the foil on the head was because I was getting a deep conditioning treatment on my hair and someone told my mom that the foil would act as a heat conductor and my hair would end up super silky. Well, I don't know if that was the outcome, but I DO remember feeling like an idiot with that damn foil cap, and being pissed to high hell there was a camera involved.

But as they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I am soooooooo gonna be stuck in Shady Acres retirement home. I just hope she doesn't fill my denture bond tube with Preparation-H, and my Prep-H tube with my denture bond....


Eva Gallant said...

Too funny!

and what a great idea. already did my blog today, but next thrursday, I know just the picture to post!

Kelly said...

hahahahah. Love the pic and Throwback Thursdays!

y u l z said...

hahahahaha love your post

One Sassy Girl said...

Ha! Great ending... and adorable baby. Too cute. I'd post the pic but I'm trying (struggling, grasping, etc) to maintain some shred of anonymity these days. VERY bad for my love life if any (more) of the guys I write about find me out!

Mom of Three said...

Lol. Love it. Hahahaha. She will frame and put on your wall in Shady Acres so you can watch it til you hate it. She's precious.

Faith said...

Once again I found myself laughing out loud.

Faith said...

Once again I find myself lauging out loud. Love it! Love you!

SupahMommy said...

oh my word is that funny!!

ok. Throwback thursday: I'm all on it. :) I think it's a great idea... sometimes I'm all like

wordless wednesday????

I . don't. do. wordless.

So this is better. Focus on MOI, and MOI gets to talk.

How old is your peanut? I can't read minds and I certainly can't be expected to go and search for one little mention in all of your blog posts... ( even though I'm going to attempt it next. )


The hat. Priceless.

lol I have one too.

I wear it at the beach.. and try to hide from my kids.

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