Tuesday, September 22, 2009

White Girl + Black Guy = Slap This Mama!

I make no qualms about it - I'm a JAY-Z LOVIN' MAMA! I have loved him since Reasonable Doubt and adore him today with his latest release The Blueprint 3. When I was pregnant with my daughter, whenever a Jay-Z song would come on she would go nuts! Flippin', kickin', puinchin'...and I would just say "Go 'head little mama - NYC is in your blood!!" She still gets VERY excited when we play Jay-Z in the house now. It's pretty cute.

*And for you squares...no I don't play L'il Wayne and all that other crap for her. Jay-Z is relevant to who I am and where I've been and as long as I'M OK with it, she can hear it. AND DON'T PRETEND THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT WHEN YOUR KID ASKS YOU TO PLAY DISNEY SING-ALONGS IN THE CAR FOR THE 15,569th TIME - 'CUZ YOU KNOW YOU DO!*

Ok...back to my post.

I also make no qualms about the fact that I LOVE ME SOME SUPAHMOMMY!!! She has quickly become a girlfriend, a confidante, and a voice of reason and sanity. (I know - who would've put Supah and sanity in the same sentence, right?) If you haven't caught up on Supah's posts, my little one loves her too. SEE? Yup...that's my munchkin reading Supah's blog. Who needs the Wall Street Journal???

*And again, for you squares...no, I don't read Cosmo to her either. Supah is relevant to who I am and where I've been and as long as I'M OK with it, she can read it. AND DON'T PRETEND THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT WHEN YOUR KID ASKS YOU TO READ DANNY AND THE DINOSAUR FOR THE 15,569th TIME - 'CUZ YOU KNOW YOU DO!*

So, I'm sure you're wondering why I am waxing poetic over a white girl in Philly and a black guy from Brooklyn. Supah, I KNOW you are!

I am doing so because they both verbally kicked my ass in THE VERY SAME DAY.

During one of my mommy moments I was saying to S that my munchkin would never be a ballerina because of her gimp arm (she has Erb's palsy in her left arm). And this is what my dear S said to me:

"and your daughter can be anything she sets her heart to..

challenged arm or not..
she'll be a beautiful person because she has a mother like you... and she will inspire you one day when she dances in a production..."

So after I wiped my stupid tears away, I hopped in my car to get a much needed Diet Coke thinking:

"Ugh - she is so right. I hate it when other people are right. Damn."

Then I turned on the radio and my new Jay-Z cd was in - AND GUESS WHAT TRACK WAS PLAYING???

so ambitious


"the motivation for me, is them tellin' me what I could not be. oh well. I'm so ambitious"


Could they have slapped me in the face any harder?? If her arm doesn't get any better in her lifetime people will ALWAYS be trying to put limits on her, telling her what she CAN'T DO...who she CAN'T BE. How DARE I be the one to start the chorus?? WHAT THE HELL IS MY PROBLEM???

My girl is sooo gonna rock! She will probably dance circles around me - and I can't wait until the day she comes home and tells me she slapped a boy for pulling her pigtails. That will be a LEFT HAND HI-FIVE for the ages!!!

So my love for Supah and Jay-Z grow deeper - for in their own little ways, they have awakened me to the endless possibilities of the munchkin. They are forever bonded. For me at least.


Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

lol..i relate...i love supah too..

Grissell said...

Aww you are hella funny. That is too sweet. Luv ya girl!

Lisa Anne said...

Great post. hey I like Lil Wayne, he's so small and funny looking that it's cute. I'm more of a rock country girl though. No offense but I though Jay Z's song on the VMA's sucked big time. Alcia Keys part sounded AHHHHMAZING though!!

Oh visiting from Sits!!

SupahMommy said...

I am soooo GLAD i saved your blog for last. I save my favorites for the end of the night.

THAT IS THE NICEST THING ( s) anyone has ever said to me - recently.

awwww * snot blow* ugly cry

you are so welcome
i loved your post.. but not because i was a supahstah in it.. AHEM.

but because you make us all think twice.. and your posts are so beautifully intense.


I was like.. jay-z?? Where's she goin with this.. and he and me? I was all like.. awww mess....I'm goinna be the white girl .. arent' I ? breakin 2 electric boogaloo all over again.

parachute pants and all.

miss em will be divine.. in everything she does.

Eva Gallant said...

That was soo beautiful and so true!

ItsKelly said...

awesome, awesome, awesome. I have tears in my eyes!

You and Supah are awesome. I heart you both.

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